“Having a business plan is important, but when something goes wrong in a business, the underlying problem is usually another,” said Marion Suffert, HR expert and partner-consultant at Vasis Conseil to TBS Barcelona Bachelor in Management students. She was talking about the essence of a brand, which should make its customers fall in love and make its creators proud.

Companies with a soul

Marion Suffert led a coaching activity with the students and their projects in their Entrepreneurship study path. “I want your projects to convey chemistry,” she told them.

TBS students had to find in their projects that which made them legitimate to lead them, as well as their profitability. In addition, they should draw up a plan to value their future clients, reassure them and make them dream.

After gathering these concepts came the section of Collective Intelligence: the students put in common the ideas they had developed, and their colleagues provided feedback. In this way, they could locate the strongest and weakest points of their plan.

Espai Taronja

Espai Taronja (orange space) is a temporary co-working space named after the union of two terms found in the study “Workforce of the future: the competing forces shaping 2030” published by PwC in 2018: the yellow world and the red world.

The combination of the use of technology to develop increasingly autonomous and specialised workers (red world), with craftsmanship and the predominance of people and ethics over machines (yellow world) give rise to the orange world.

This space welcomes workers at a time of transition in their professional careers (managers who are unemployed, have doubts or want to change their professional path) through guidance and coaching with specialists of different profiles.


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TBS Bachelor in Management.

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