My new book A Philosophy of Mindfulness: A Journey with Deleuze has just been published. In this book I argue that we need a “new” philosophy because we—many of us, at least—are blind. We see rather little of that which surrounds us.

The book show that philosophy is not just an abstract discipline but also a mode of being in this world. It’s an invitation to stop up, face our problems, open others and ourselves to the possibility of transformation, and then decide.

By mixing mindfulness with the affirmative philosophy of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, I try to unfold a philosophy of mindfulness. A philosophy that makes us less blind but also ethically responsible in relation to what we experience. Hereby, I move mindfulness from the sphere of psychology into philosophy, or from being primarily an inward-turned practice to an out-turned one. That is mindfulness with both an inner and outer engagement.

A philosophy of mindfulness is an enriching intervention in contemporary philosophy. It puts emphasis on experience, experiment, and affirmation. It’s a practical philosophy. It may not only inspirer future leaders who wish to make sustainable decisions, but also people who work with philosophy in counseling or therapy.

The mantra is that each experience matters; life is the experience of making contact or being connected with what is in the midst of becoming. And then passing on what is alive to the next generations.

By Finn Janning, philospher and professor in TBS Barcelona


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