• Status: Student
  • Current country: Poland

My name is Zofia Tatarek. I’m from Poland, but I study in the UK at Nottingham Trent University. I just finished the second year of my undergraduate studies in International Business.

I chose the TBS Summer School because I always want to take advantage of all the opportunities I can get. My university is a partner institution of TBS Education, so I had a chance to participate in this Summer School. I knew TBS Education was an international institution, and getting international experiences and education is crucial for me because of the area of my studies as well as my future career in international business.

I am also extremely interested in cultural diversity, and the TBS Summer school gave me a chance to explore this topic by meeting so many amazing people from all over the world! I am also learning Spanish, and I want to be fluent, so three weeks in Spain were useful to practice this language.

Moreover, Barcelona is an amazing city, especially in the summertime. Therefore, TBS Summer School for me was a chance to broaden my horizons in the areas of my studies and interests – both professional and personal, achieve my goals like learning Spanish and have a great, fun time in the most amazing European city!

I loved all the activities and took part in all of them. I think the catamaran trip was the most memorable one. Everyone had such an amazing time and so much fun. It was a great timing, because I was stressed, and it helped me relax and clear my mind before the important days at university. It reminded me that summer school is not only about education but also fun and experiences. I also loved the trip to the Cava place – so interesting and pretty. I liked the segwaying as well! Such a great way to check out the city! I also liked that all the activities were during the week and weekends were free for us.

As my modules, I chose Fashion & Luxury Goods and Social Media Marketing. I liked both of them, and I have learned so much!! I liked Fela Hughes! He was so funny and cool, and his approach was really good, as the best way to study digital marketing is practical. He understood that, and the sessions were interactive, a huge amount of practical work for us, which enabled us to understand the topic fully. When he was giving us theoretical lessons, he was using so many simple real-life examples from his own experience, which made studying Social Media Marketing so easy! I also loved Jean Marc Rejaud. He was an amazing teacher and person. He was so smart because of his international experience in the Luxury industry. I liked his approach toward students. He was chilled, but at the same time, he taught us so much. He was more our coach than a professor, and I think this is the right approach when it comes to teaching business.

Moreover, I liked the information we were getting on this subject because I felt like it’s such a complex, deep knowledge. I have learned so much from actual, real-life examples and data. So much knowledge and information.

I would recommend everyone to take part in the TBS Summer School in Barcelona. I made friends for the rest of my life! I met such amazing people from all over the world – Europe, the USA, South America, and Asia! I have learned so much in the area of business. I increased my cultural awareness. I spent amazing days at the beach and the swimming pool on the roof of my accommodation! I had so much sangria and great Spanish food. I explored Barcelona, which is an amazing, unique, crazy city! And I spent an evening on the catamaran. It was a very intense and sometimes tiring experience, but 1000% worth it! I made unforgettable memories for my whole life and spent the best three weeks!

I also wanted to say that Xavi and Maria (Welcome Team) are amazing. They are doing such a great job. They were so helpful and chilled, but at the same time, they kept everything so well organized.

Zofia Tatarek - TBS Barcelona

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