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  • English
  • 17 000€
  • 1 year
  • 90 ETCS
  • Full Time
  • 13 October 2021

Upon the successful completion of the MSc International Financial Management & Control, you will be able to pursue a career in some of the following professional positions:

  • Business Controller
  • Controller & Financial Analyst
  • Corporate Controller
  • Division Management Controller
  • Finance and Budget Officer
  • Financial Director
  • Fundraising Manager
  • Global Controller
  • Internal Auditor
  • International Corporate Accounting Manager


The “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles” and TBS Business School joined forces to carry out a big survey that concluded some interesting results on graduates from 2016, 2017, and 2018 academic years.

Employment rates

63% of our MSc students find a job before graduation (internship period). 92% of them find their first job within 4 months of graduating and this figure rises to 97% within 6 months of graduating.

Employment by area

45% of our graduates obtained a job position in Business & Finance (21%), Consulting (14%), and Auditing (10%). This figure shows the importance of financial management graduates for the job market.

On the other hand, 44% of our graduates are currently working in positions related to Marketing & Communication (19%), Trade & Export (17%) and Production & Logistics (8%).

Finally, 11% of our graduates split into the following areas: ICT & IS (4%), Human Resources (3%), Others (3%), and Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (1%).

Employment by sector

Consulting is the most popular sector among our graduates (24%), followed by Industry (23%), Insurance (22%), Trade & Distribution (14%) and ICT & Multimedia (2%).

The Consulting sector gathers many of our financial management graduates. However, another important percentage of them are distributed among the rest of the sectors as every company needs a financial department.

Company size

Almost 70% of our graduates are currently working at large companies (> 5000 to 250 employees), while the rest of them obtained a job at SME.

Our financial management graduates are mainly distributed among large companies as they usually have solid financial departments.

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