MSc International Business students had the opportunity to visit the facilites of the Covides Wine Coopertaive, with a guide tour of the winery and cava tasting, explainig them all about their products process.

During the day the students were able to enter into the winery factory and learn about the cava elaboration process, therefore, they were provided with a special suit, including a cap and a gown, since it was a sterile area. They also visited the winery museum with old laboratory instruments.


The tour finally ended with a business meeting in a a round table with Christophe Marquet, Comercial and Marketing director of Covides Winery, who explained the students how the Covides Winery Cooperative plays a fundamental role in Spain, not only in economic terms due to its contribution to activity, employment and exports but also because their exportations new markets.

This visit was part of the Internationalization Days workshop, designed for MSc International Business students , with the aim of involving them in active consultancy and real challenge resolution through a very innovative method, ology called Binnakle.

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