In an effort to better understand what workers consider when deciding to stay at their current job or accept a new position, ADP Research Institute® (ADP RI) carried an online survey conducted among 5,330 employees and 3,218 employers across 13 countries in companies with more than 50 employees.

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Some survey findings are the following:

1. European employees are loyal to their jobs but open to change.

2. Most employees feel a sense of purpose in their work, yet do not feel valued.

3. Most European employees (except for those in France), care for understanding the company and also seek out the personal connection of a work buddy.

4. The largest gaps between employers and employees exist in France, where employees feel the least valued and rate their companies the poorest on talent management factors.


Also, the responses highlight the importance of satisfaction: satisfied workers give about 40 points higher ratings across individual aspects of talent management, especially onboarding, performance reviews, training, and career planning. Such workers are also less likely to have experienced restructuring and layoffs in the past year. Also, satisfaction correlates with all other sentiments at work such as being motivated, valued, full of purpose with a clear and fair path to advance.

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