120 years of knowledge

120 years ago, our institution officially became a business school recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Since our founding in 1903, we have seen our school and our teaching evolve, whilst always maintaining or commitment to academic excellence.

Thank you to all those who have contributed to making TBS Education an internationally renowned school!

At TBS Education, we believe in the value of knowledge and lifelong learning. Our history gives us the legitimacy and experience to train a diversity of open-minded and enlightened people who can contribute to a responsible and sustainable economy in their organizations.

A Word from the Dean

“I am pleased to announce that our management school, TBS Education, is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year!

120 years of recognition of our training by the State represents the fruit of hard work and a passion for teaching, but also of a desire to train generations of enlightened leaders.

Over the years, our school has trained tens of thousands of students and we are proud to count today more than 51,000 TBS Alumni around the world.

Thank you all for your support and commitment to our school, which has taken on the status of Business for Good in order to pursue its societal commitment.

Happy birthday TBS Education and may the next 120 years be just as fruitful!”

Stéphanie LAVIGNE, Dean of TBS Education

You can be 20 years old and have 120 years of knowledge

Founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse Haute-Garonne, recognized by the Ministry of Education in 1903, our prestigious school has gone through many metamorphoses.

Among the key moments in its history, we note the arrival of the first women in 1915, the inauguration of an avant-garde campus on boulevard Lascrosses in 1983 and the transformation of TBS Education into a Business for Good in 2021.

Today, it is through the women and men who have walked the halls of the school that TBS Education presents its 120 year anniversary campaign. 2 students and 2 alumni have lent themselves to the game in order to travel through time. And if you too, were to enter history?

“This school, dear to my heart, has allowed me to meet my friends for life and to always do what I dreamed of during my professional life” — Stéphane Chicorp, alumni.

The 4 portraits


Julija joined the Grande École Program at TBS Education after an ECE preparatory class.

Very involved in the school's community life, she has joined two associations within TBS Education: Trophée des Arts and RDVC.

Julija would like to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the school to pursue her international career. In particular, she would like to go to UP next year to discover new cultures and benefit from international experience.

Passionate about music, Julija would like to work in events management and more specifically in the music industry once she has completed her studies at TBS Education.


A 21-year-old entrepreneur with a passion for digital, Lucas has had a richly varied academic career.

A graduate of TBS Education with a third-year specialization in Digital Business, Lucas created Kaptur VR, a company that produces interactive virtual tours. His ambition is to develop it to the maximum this year.

Currently at the TBSeeds incubator, Lucas has taken advantage of the school's knowledge and resources to bring his entrepreneurial project to life. Kaptur VR quickly became a reference in its field, thanks to the team's expertise and commitment to technological innovation.

Always on the lookout for new challenges, Lucas never stops looking for opportunities to develop his skills and creativity.

Today, Lucas has chosen to focus on his entrepreneurial projects.

Indeed, Lucas is thirsty for new experiences and encounters. Marked by a university exchange in Malaysia with TBS Education, he would like to return there to experience new human and entrepreneurial adventures.

Emmanuelle MILHAUD

Emmanuelle Milhaud is a TBS Education alumni. After an HEC preparatory course and a Master's degree in Marketing and Business Management, Emmanuelle joined TBS Education in 2002 for a Master's degree in Internal Audit and Management Control.

In 2005, she created the Maloë brand and began decorating children's bedrooms. "After decorating their children's bedrooms, Maloë customers always ask for more. And so, as we met new people, [the] concept of diverting objects and [the] know-how in terms of storage and decoration gradually found its way into the other rooms of the house..."

Today, Emmanuelle is an interior designer and head of the Maloë Design agency since 2015. She collaborates with HMONP architects on projects for individuals, property developers, coworking spaces and boutiques.

Stéphane CHICORP

Stéphane is an alumnus of TBS Education's Grande Ecole Program. He graduated from TBS Education in 1995.

He then worked for 10 years at L'Oréal Division Grand Public (Maybelline Garnier and LaScad), in Paris in marketing and sales functions, followed by 10 years at Novartis in sales management functions in France, then Zone Europe, in Toulouse and Switzerland.

After 20 years with major groups, he decided to become an entrepreneur.

Since 2016, Stéphane has been developing the Starbucks brand via franchised outlets. He currently manages 11 stores, mainly in the Toulouse region. The next step is to establish Starbucks in other towns in the Occitanie region (Albi, Perpignan, Narbonne...).

As Stéphane often says, he couldn't have hoped for more from TBS Education. Indeed, it's where he met his lifelong friends. During those years, they were twice French business school rugby champions and then played together for 10 years in Paris, with a strong TBS Education network spirit.

From a professional point of view, Stéphane has always done what he wanted, at every stage of his career. What could be better?

Business for Good

TBS Education became a Business for Good in 2021.

Now ingrained in our statutes, our ‘raison d’être’ is shown through our social, societal and environmental commitments in order to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible economy and a positive society.



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