With innovation and quality at the core of TBS Business School’s strategy, the TBS faculty specializes in offering students in-depth and agile knowledge in various fields. The faculty of the TBS Business School group is made up of 115 permanent professors, of which 8 are in the Barcelona campus.

TBS professors, like students, are defined by their international character and thanks to this specialty the school gains significant visibility beyond the borders of TBS. Similarly, the connection with local partners enhances the reputation of the campus in Barcelona.

Permanent Research Faculty

PHd Wafa Khlif
Management Control professor.
Contact: w.khlif@tbs-education.es
BCN TBS Wafa Khlif
PHd Yancy Vaillant
Strategy and Entrepreneurship professor.
Contact: y.vaillant@tbs-education.es
BCN TBS Yancy Vaillant
PhD Diego Ravenda
Accounting and Financial Analysis professor.
Contact: d.ravenda@tbs-education.fr
BCN TBS Diego Ravenda
PhD Lourdes Pérez
Marketing professor.
Contact: l.perez@tbs-education.es
BCN TBS Lourdes Perez
PhD Diana Filipescu
International Business professor.
Contact: d.filipescu@tbs-education.es
BCN TBS Diana Filipescu
Basak Canboy
Human Resources Management professor.
Contact: b.canboy@tbs-education.es
BCN TBS Basak Canboy
PhD Joanna Pousset
Economy, Finance and Estrategies professor.
Contact: j.pousset@tbs-education.fr
BCN TBS Joanna Pousset
PhD Fabien Pecot
Marketing professor.
Contact: f.pecot@tbs-education.es
BCN TBS Fabien Pecot

Academic Departments

The TBS Business School faculty is organized into 6 departments, under which education professionals who seek to promote the school’s pedagogical innovation are grouped.

All the information about the TBS faculty: department, specialization, contact, latest publications… is available on our TBS Business School in Toulouse page of the same name. You can check the directory below:

At the forefront of research

TBS professors are organized into five research labs. They create and enjoy specialized knowledge in different media – blogs, press, professional conferences … – in the following fields:

  • Accounting, management control and performance management.
  • Entrepreneurship and strategies
  • Finance, economics and econometrics
  • Social and innovation marketing
  • Work, employment and health

If you want to know more about the TBS Business School research laboratories, you can consult the information on the Toulouse page (in French):