Three childhood friends, an inspiration that came in the middle of a trip to Asia and a dream that came true in the form of a company that seeks to “stop the inappropriate and excessive consumption of material that harms the environment, providing solutions to the problem that we face”. Those last words are from the director of the StopWaste project, Oscar Correas, who is also a student of the 3rd year Bachelor in Management program at TBS Education in Barcelona, ​​specializing last year in entrepreneurship.


Oscar, led by Álex Monells, as a specialist in Digital Marketing and in charge of the sales of the project, and Joan Andreu, in charge of purchasing products and contacting suppliers, have brought to life StopWaste, an online company that has already seen the light and was born during an adventure through Asia. “We were traveling through the Asian continent and we realized that there was a worrying problem. We had the opportunity to see plastic seas and how they were affecting not only marine life but also the local population. It was a trip that inspired us to start this project”, explains Óscar.

Álex Monells (left), Oscar Correas (mid.) y Joan Andreu (right)

How does StopWaste work?

Fleeing from the use and abuse of plastics in the regular purchase of residents of Barcelona, ​​StopWaste proposes to make a plastic-free purchase of fruits, vegetables and all kinds of food to hygiene products, which arrives by bicycle in 24 hours to the user’s home, where after consumption, waste will also be collected and will go directly to a recycling plant. Correas acknowledges that “it is being a great adventure for us in which we are learning a lot, we are very happy with the interest shown by the people who write to us saying that they have been looking for a solution like this for a long time.


Even in these difficult months that we have been through the pandemic, this team of young people has managed to extract the positive side from it. Although it is true that it has not affected them directly and without seeking it, “we have provided an alternative for consumers to avoid going to supermarkets, where crowds can occur and there may be a danger of new infections,” he points out.

What will the future of StopWaste be like? The project director, and with the usual entrepreneurial spirit of the TBS students in Barcelona, ​​imagines its expansion to other cities, in order to reduce the consumption of plastics in more places in the world.

BCN StopWaste TBS

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