An expert in control and performance management in changing organizations, Anne Rivière has been a professor at TBS for 15 years and now reaches the position of director of the Grande École (Master in Management) and MSc programs to establish a female duo in the hierarchy of TBS Education with General Director Stéphanie Lavigne.

Among the criteria that have marked Rivière’s selection, her recognized academic training stands out: graduated from HEC, she also has the DESCF, a doctorate in management sciences and Habilitation to Direct Research (HDR), the most recognized diploma of French higher education.

Anne Rivière (left) and Stéphanie Lavigne (right)

Her in-depth knowledge of TBS Education, as well as the PGE (Master in Management) and MSc programs, have also made a difference in her choice. Anne Rivière joined TBS in 2005 as a permanent professor, having defended her doctorate.

• Head of the department of “Management Control, Accounting, Audit” (from 2011 to 2016);

• Responsible for the professional option A2EC (external audit and accounting experience – from 2013 to 2020);

• Head of the research laboratory “Accounting, Management Control and Performance Management” (since 2019).

Anne Rivière is also very committed to the DSCG course, one of the 100 double degrees offered at the school. Her research focuses on the role of management control systems and measurement indicators in organizational and institutional change processes, in companies and in the public sector. Likewise, she is also interested in issues of social impact and equal opportunities.

Anne Rivière’s previous professional experiences as a director of the audit for large international groups and as a director of management control, as well as her network, also give her a strong knowledge of business and management, which will be used in the context of TBS programs.

In Anne Rivière’s words

“It is with great pride that I join the direction of the Grande École and MSc programs. My goal is to elevate these programs to the highest level of excellence, promoting international experiences, maximizing the employability of our students and training them for the professions of the future ”, says Anne while stressing that ”our students will be managers tomorrow in a world complex and uncertain. We must train them to become decision-makers capable of implementing innovative, demanding projects, with a true sense of humanity and collective intelligence. ” Among her initial objectives in her new position, Anne highlights that she is “eager to water our entire educational offer with strong and concrete commitments in terms of social responsibility and, more particularly, the promotion of diversity. This is what it does and will make the strength of a business school rooted in its time. “

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