Sharing your professional experience with students is an effective complement to the academic input provided in our teaching programs. In particular, these interventions enable you to bring a different or complementary approach to managerial practices, as close as possible to changes in professions, know-how and corporate fun


Working closely with our teaching teams, you can propose and/or actively participate in the writing of company case studies, highlighting concrete issues linked to the fields of corporate management: strategy, marketing, human resources, finance and so on. Case studies can be used regularly as part of major written assignments, as a way of promoting your company while getting our students to think about the issues and solutions involved.

Example of a business case study

A company wants to upgrade one of its “trendy” products. What marketing strategy should be employed to launch the new generation of a high-tech consumer product in a hyper-competitive context? What technical choices should be made? What features should be retained or developed, based on a competitive analysis? What new services should accompany the launch?


Encouraging entrepreneurship, business start-ups and business development is a key part of TBS strategy. Through mentoring programs or support for the entrepreneurship stream, you can provide recommendations, advice and guidance to students motivated by business creation and the entrepreneurial approach, as they set up their projects.

Living one’s passions in a team and entrepreneurial spirit is an ambition made possible at TBS, thanks in particular to the DELTA Entrepreneur projects. Over a 9-month period, students are given the opportunity to carry out a project with full responsibility and a professional approach, working with teachers and mentors from the business world, to measure themselves against the realities of the field and assess their management skills.


Companies’ needs in terms of skills are constantly evolving, leading to the regular adaptation of existing training programs or the creation of new teaching modules. At your request, or at the request of our teacher-researchers, program managers and/or professional option managers, TBS offers you the opportunity to participate in the development of training modules.